Meet Our Team


  • Jade Winter
    Director | Co-Founder

    Jade Winter

    Jade is a Studio Pilates International® Co-Founder and Director. Jade manages the strategic direction of the Studio Pilates International® brand and vision fulfillment. Jade is the creator of the SP-TV, the design and appearance of the Studio Pilates International® studios, the business operating systems, the brand image and more. Jade’s focus is now on global business expansion.

    Jade is also a former Olympian and Australian Swim Team member achieving a world number one ranking at one point in time in his selected event.

  • Tanya Winter
    Director | Co-Founder

    Tanya Winter

    Tanya is a Founder of Studio Pilates International® and the Education Department, developing and creating all of the Pilates Instructor Training Courses.

    Tanya is a Physiotherapist who has a passion for Pilates both in helping her clients and also in sharing her knowledge and experience to teach people how to become world class Pilates Instructors.

    Tanya was originally introduced to Pilates through her swimming career, using it as a cross training tool and later for rehabilitation after a spinal fracture, and has been practicing Pilates herself for over 20 years. Tanya completed her Bachelor of Physiotherapy in 1999, and since then, has dedicated her life to the teaching of Pilates.

    In 2002, Tanya co-founded Studio Pilates International®, and set up her first studio in Hawthorne, which is still running today. Tanya has personally taken over 25,000 clients through Pilates workouts in the studio, for rehabilitation, sports performance enhancement and general fitness and toning, and over 50,000 people in Matwork classes in the gym setting.

    “Tanya was fantastic! Great to see her in real life after hours on the videos!” – Rebecca G

    Tanya is one of the clearest and most knowledgeable presenters I have seen. I am very glad I chose to do this Pilates course and not another.” – Jaime W

    “Tanya Winter manages to pack an enormous amount of information whilst manufacturing a sense of effortless calmness and professionalism. Despite the intensity of the course, the atmosphere is fun and relaxed and the setting is one of feeling hugely supported. I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone who would like to lean to teach Pilates, as one of the most professional there is.” – Marie B

Course Facilitators

  • James Mangahas
    Course Facilitator

    James Mangahas

    James is a Physiotherapist, Fitness Presenter and Master Pilates Instructor Trainer. James heads up the Studio Pilates Platinum Instructing Program, creating course content and training the Studio Pilates Mentors that work within our studios. James helps to design all of the Studio Pilates International Instructor Training Courses and continues to ensure that Studio Pilates International® delivers the most comprehensive and up to date courses.  As a very experienced Instructor Trainer, he uses his extensive knowledge to help his students gain the skills needed to become great instructors.

    James has a wealth of anatomical and biomechanical knowledge and experience and is an expert in Pilates, having personally taken over 30,000 clients through Pilates workouts for rehabilitation, sports performance enhancement and general fitness and toning.  James was originally introduced to Pilates for rehabilitation through his Physiotherapy career in 2005 and then quickly realised how fantastic Pilates was for the fitness industry and sports specific cross training, using it himself to enhance his own performance in Brazilian Ju Jitsu and helping many elite athletes achieve their goals.

    “James was FANTASTIC. His passion and knowledge of Pilates shines through when he teaches. Always with a smile 🙂 I cant thank him enough for such a great experience.” – Kelsey A

    “James was very knowledgable and was a fantastic instructor. He kept the class interactive and encouraged the students to get to know one another as well which made the learning process more enjoyable.” – Andrea S

    “James has a lovely way of providing constructive correction.  He was able to provide very “real” life advise. His good humour made me feel at ease with in a very short time.” – Charlotte C

    “James was absolutely excellent. Extremely informative, very clear and concise with the content.” – Carnie S

  • Nadine Phillips
    Course Facilitator

    Nadine Phillips

    Nadine is a Course Facilitator for our Rehab courses as well as a Clinical Pilates Instructor in our flagship Hawthorne studio. Nadine is also responsible for creating course content for all of the Studio Pilates instructor training courses to ensure that the courses are up to date and provide the best training platform for all students.  Nadine also develops the Enhanced Instructing Program workshops and class videos.

    Nadine’s background as a Physiotherapist has provided her with a knowledge and understanding of the human body and the way in which it works based on anatomical and biomechanical principles. She combines this knowledge with her passion for Pilates as well as working with and educating clients to achieve the best outcomes, whether it is for injury rehabilitation, optimal ageing, general wellness, pregnancy and postnatal recovery, athletic performance or strength and toning.

    “Nadine was fantastic! As a physiotherapist, I thought that the course materials were very comprehensive and useful from a rehab perspective. Nadine was a wealth of information!” – Sarah H

    “Nadine was thorough, obviously experienced, confident and approachable. She gave useful feedback that I was able to improve on immediately.” – Jasmin S

  • Karen Russell
    Course Facilitator

    Karen Russell

    Karen’s career in education and fitness began in 1989 when she completed a Bachelor in Human Movement majoring in Education and her Group Fitness Certificate III. Karen has over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry, both teaching group fitness classes and Pilates, along with over 16 years of Group Fitness Management roles in major health club chains.

    As a Matwork Trainer for Studio Pilates International® and a Senior Trainer and Head Program Coach for Les Mills Asia Pacific, Karen has been training instructors across many class types since 1996, and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to help her students identify their own strengths and weaknesses on their journey to becoming a Pilates instructor.

    Karen uses her many years of fitness experience and her talents at educating her students to facilitate fantastic courses which are delivered in a way that is technical, concise, easy to understand, and fun at the same time, producing amazing instructors at the end of each course.

    Karen’s goal is to help her students to become the best instructors possible, so that they can help more people improve their quality of life through Pilates.

    “Karen was awesome… She had a very simplistic approach to teaching which I loved. It made learning sooo much more enjoyable and of course Karen is a wealth of knowledge.” – Kim W

    “Karen is fantastic. She is obviously very dedicated to her work and she has an excellent connection with people. I feel very privileged to have had Karen as my first workshop instructor.” –  Susie B

    “Karen was a great trainer.  She knew her stuff and passed on her knowledge and experience without hesitation.  She kept things simple and easy to understand yet challenged us at the same time.  It was great to be involved in a course where we got to experience the movements consistently and then test ourselves teaching eachother.  Would love to do more courses under Karen’s leadership.” – Donna J

  • Wendy Powell
    Course Facilitator

    Wendy Powell

    Wendy is a truly inspirational Master Pilates Instructor Trainer who is so passionate about helping her students to not only become amazing instructors, but also to enjoy the same benefits and success of a career in Pilates which she has experienced.

    Wendy had always enjoyed Pilates, but didn’t realise its true benefits until the birth of her first child in 2000. Since then, she has been a self-confessed devotee of Pilates and teaching Pilates has become her life’s work.  Wendy completed her Certificate IV in Fitness and then became an expert in Pilates after studying at various schools of Pilates including Studio Pilates International®.

    Eighteen years and three children later, Wendy continues to embrace Pilates, having completed her Master Pilates Instructor Trainer Certification with Studio Pilates International® and opening two boutique Pilates studios in Victoria.

    Wendy loves helping her students, and really cares about each and every one of them, not just at the course but also afterwards – and she finds nothing more rewarding than seeing them emerge as great instructors by the end of their training.

    “Wendy was amazing – a beautiful person and teacher very inspiring her love and passion was incredible – she was so humble, encouraging  and supportive what an awesome gift and to share her knowledge with me – I’m so greatful – thank you Wendy” – Karen R

    “Wendy was fantastic! She has a very caring nature. Wendy is able to see each individuals qualities which enables her to give clear, encouraging and honest feedback. Her knowledge and experience are priceless.” – Danielle A

    “No words…Wendy is amazing and has changed my life. A true Pilates professional and you should be honored to have her as a teacher of your method. She is engaging and friendly, yet firm. She expects a high standard from everyone and she got it. As a 47 year old PT, not sure where to go for the next number of working years, Wendy has given me what I am looking for in my career. It was amazing to watch her instill confidence in those of the course who needed it. I am so proud to have been a part of this course with Wendy and a great bunch of participants. Best course as a PT I have ever done.” – Gerri Q

  • Jane Pavlovic
    Course Facilitator

    Jane Pavlovic

    Jane has been involved in the fitness industry for more than twelve years in a variety of roles, including instructing Pilates and Yoga, Group Fitness Management and Instructor Training.  Jane quickly realised that her passion was for Pilates, and now dedicates all of her time to instructing Pilates in the studio setting, as well as teaching her students how to become great Pilates Instructors.

    Jane has extensive experience teaching our courses and now utilises this experience to train other Studio Pilates Course Facilitators. She is also instrumental in providing ongoing professional development to instructors through our Enhanced Instructing Program.  Jane currently holds a Certificate III and IV in Fitness, as well as multiple Pilates and Yoga certifications.

    Throughout her time in the industry, Jane has assisted hundreds of participants towards living a healthier and more active lifestyle. Jane’s technical knowledge and attention to detail are second to none and loves helping her students to perfect their instructing techniques.

    “Jane is fantastic, she has made me feel comfortable and happy and interested both times I have had her as an instructor. She has so much enthusiasm for teaching us, I cant say enough nice things about her” – Daisy H

    “Jane was great, she explained everything really well and took the time to make sure all questions had been answered. Then before the assessment made me feel really confident, instead of the bundle of nerves I had been.” – Avril S

    “Jane was wonderful! As soon as i met her i really liked her, she made us all feel relaxed and taught us very well with a bit of humour thrown in! She explained everything really well and was open to ALL our questions no matter how silly we felt asking them. A great teacher.” – Mandy T

  • Davina Perkins
    Course Facilitator

    Davina Perkins

    Davina is not only a Studio Pilates International® Master Instructor Trainer, she is also a mentor for the Studio Pilates International® Platinum Studios. Davina’s expertise and technical skills in Pilates, alongside her energetic and motivating personality, makes her be an amazing Instructor Trainer who really knows how to get the most out of her students.

    Davina’s background was in the fitness industry, where she worked for many years as a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor.  Davina also holds multiple Pilates qualifications and currently dedicates her life to teaching Pilates.

    Davina currently instructs over 25 Reformer classes a week at the Studio Pilates® flagship studio in Hawthorne. Davina, having 3 young children, also has a special interest in Pilates for Pregnancy.

    “AMAZING! I was 16 weeks pregnant and 1000km from home and Davina couldn’t have been more supportive and encouraging.  Her teaching style is superb and she utilises a perfect mix or authority, technical knowledge, practical application, humour – I could go on.  She related so well to each individual on the course and everyone felt comfortable with her as our trainer.  I have no doubt that the positive energy we had as a group was a direct reflection of the positive approach Davina takes to her training. I want Davina for all my future training courses!” – Vicki S

    “Davina again was perfect.  I really can’t rate her high enough, so friendly, always positive and having a joke but really good and giving out clear instructions, always had great advice…… I want to teach like her!” – Lyndal W

    “Oh Davina was absolutely brilliant! So clear and concise. Wonderful public speaker and trainer. She was so fantastic at explaining everything and it would be so hard to teach how to teach. She did an amazing job. She’s a lovely person too and very patient. She was very helpful and gave me great constructive criticism!” – Alle J

    “Davina was absolutely incredible. Very engaging, inspiring and full of information to share.” – Chloe N

  • Elaine Innes
    Course Facilitator

    Elaine Innes

    Elaine has 25 years of experience in the Fitness Industry, originally completing her Certificate III and IV in Fitness in 1993. She has a strong Group Fitness, Pilates and Personal Training background, alongside many years of Group Fitness Management at a regional level for major health club chains.

    Elaine also has been involved for many years in health and education, facilitating a variety of courses. This experience includes facilitating the Certificate III and IV at both the Australian Institute of Fitness and Western Australian Fitness Academy, and as a consultant with Rio Tinto as Pilbara Health Facilitator.

    Elaine brings this diverse teaching experience to her course facilitation with Studio Pilates International®.  Her courses are delivered with her usual expertise and attention to detail.  As she loves helping people and sharing her knowledge, her participants leave the courses confident to instruct and empowered to launch their Pilates careers.

    “Elaine was an excellent trainer who was very approachable and more than happy to help with any queries” – Alysia H

    “FANTASTIC! Elaine was just amazing. She made me feel so much more confident teaching a class and gave me great feedback for helping me to slow down when cueing and really get my concentration points out without rushing too much” – Alexandra C

    Elaine was wonderful! Great at molding each student individually. Made you feel comfortable to ask questions and interact with the entire class. Elaine encouraged each student to pick up on even the tiniest adjustments which was a nice challenge and inspiring to become the best we could be. We love you Elaine! Thanks so much!” – Natalie W

  • Natalie Dwyer
    Course Facilitator |
    Instructor Support

    Natalie Dwyer

    Natalie has been living and breathing Studio Pilates since she was 14 years old and attended classes with Studio Pilates founders, Jade and Tanya Winter. A graduate of the Australian Ballet School in Melbourne, Natalie has danced for both the Australian Ballet and Queensland Ballet. In addition to her extensive ballet experience, Natalie also holds a Diploma of Massage Therapy, a Certificate III in Fitness and a Certificate IV in Fitness.

    Natalie wears many hats at Studio Pilates! Natalie is an instructor and Head Mentor at Studio Pilates’ flagship Hawthorne studio. She also facilitates Platinum Courses which train students to specifically work in Studio Pilates studios across Australia.

    In addition to these roles, she works alongside Shantell to provide support and assistance to Studio Pilates students. Natalie can assist you with rescheduling your course date, confirming course times, purchasing Pilates equipment and much more! Essentially if you have any questions before, during or after your course, Natalie will be able to help you!


    “Nat is absolutely lovely, totally professional, approachable and generous with her time and expertise.” – Elle L

Instructor Support

  • Holly Bond
    Course Advisor

    Holly Bond

    Originally from the UK, Holly is only a phone call, text or email away and loves to chat to future instructors about their career goals. She also enjoys hearing from instructors who have already completed the Studio Pilates training and finding out what they’ve been doing with their career and how she can help them continue on their Pilates journey. As a trained instructor herself, she is on hand to advise you on how to be the best instructor you can be! She is happy to answer any questions or queries you have about Studio Pilates courses or about becoming a Pilates instructor

    Holly also holds a Certificate III and IV in Fitness and used to work as a Personal Trainer and Spin Instructor at Virgin Active in Manchester, UK before heading down under!

    Holly is available Monday-Friday to answer any questions you may have about what it takes to become a Pilates instructor, where you can work, what is involved in each course and how you can achieve your instructing goals. You can chat with Holly now by calling 0488 014 618 or email!

  • Shantell Sargood
    Instructor Support

    Shantell Sargood

    Studio Pilates runs over 120 courses per year and Shantell ensures that each course runs smoothly. As a master of organisation, Shantell liaises with students, host venues and course facilitators prior to each course.

    In addition to managing the organisation of each course, Shantell also works alongside Natalie to provide support and assistance to Studio Pilates students. If you have any questions while completing your training, Shantell is available to listen, troubleshoot and assist you in any way.

    Shantell holds a Certificate III in Fitness and is currently completing a Bachelors Degree in Business (Marketing).

  • Zoe Dyson
    Instructor Support

    Zoe Dyson

    Zoe began working at Studio Pilates as a high school intern and has now been with the company for over 6 years! Over the years, Zoe has completed many different roles at Studio Pilates, making herself invaluable to the Studio Pilates Education Company.

    You can often find Zoe in the back end of our website, creating online training centres for new courses, editing videos, or processing students’ exam results. Zoe is currently studying a Bachelor of Education.

  • Rachael Dodds
    Instructor Support

    Rachael Dodds

    Rachael’s involvement with Studio Pilates started when she began Pilates classes with Studio Pilates founder Tanya Winter at age 7! She developed a passion for Pilates and has been working in the Studio Pilates Education company for the last four years. Rachael has completed many roles over the years, including providing support and assistance to Studio Pilates students and organising Studio Pilates courses. Rachael now works in the back end of the website, setting up online training centres for courses or processing students’ exam results, in addition to helping out in the instructor support role.
    Rachael is currently studying a Bachelor of Science (Microbiology) and Bachelor of Arts (Anthropology).
  • Jessica Irwin
    Special Projects Manager

    Jessica Irwin

    Jess has been a part of the Studio Pilates team since 2010. In a past life, she has instructed in and managed Studio Pilates’ flagship Hawthorne Studio. Since 2011, she has worked for the Studio Pilates Education Company, helping to create and refine internal operating systems and grow the Education Company to be the largest provider of Pilates education in Australia. Jess is a qualified Pilates instructor and also has a BA Hons (English Literature and Art History) from the University of Queensland.

  • Harry Irwin
    Office Mascot

    Harry Irwin

    Harry is the team’s mascot who hangs out at Studio Pilates Headquarters every day. He enjoys sleeping all day and waking up in time to stare longingly at everyone’s lunch. He is always available for scratches and cuddles and is beloved by his Studio Pilates family for his cheeky nature and positive attitude.